Why is this here?

Leah in Yellowstone National Park. Photo by Steve Martaindale.

Dream Chasing 101 has been decades in the making, the result of a traveling couple with just enough of an adventurous nature to prod one another to try something new … again.

While improving their adventure-gathering techniques, Steve and Leah Martaindale heard more and more wistful comments from people who “wished” they could do the same, who thought the couple “lucky” to be able to chase their dreams, who “regretted” one or another aspect of lives they felt kept them from living the way they desired.

Therein lies the true origin of Dream Chasing 101. Steve and Leah also met many, many other people chasing their dreams. Then they started changing their plans to align with new dreams. But they continued to hear from others who felt stuck in their present situation.

To be sure, not everyone can pursue their grandest dreams, but just about anyone can do something. That victory can lead to another and that person may soon realize they’ve achieved something greater than their perceived “grandest dream.”

The Dream Chasing 101 series is designed to be not a blueprint but a conversation starter, not a step-by-step manual but an eye-opener, not a formula for success but a dream maker that helps readers get a focus on what they want to chase, as well as formulate a plan to catch it.

Along the way, the hosts will share many stories, how they abandoned conventional life, how they minimized their lifestyle, how they remolded their dreams, even bumps along the way. They continue still to make changes and they are definitely seeking out new adventures.

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