Have I told you about …

One unavoidable benefit of traveling is accumulating stories. Even if you do not share the stories, you have them to reflect on as time passes. (But please, do share them!)

Following are links to blog posts that contain travel stories. Some will be our stories and others are contributed by readers. The most recent posts are on top.

RV sharks (Show weakness in your RV parking skills and “help” is soon circling)

Dying to get in (Visiting cemeteries)

Flipping the drive brain (First time driving on the left)

On a quest in Bruges (Carrying a to-do list into port)

Salesmanship on the streets of Matamoros (Nothing is more real-life than dealing with a persuasive salesperson)

Our 40-year plan to visit Big Bend National Park (Some things take a while to make happen)

Stumbling upon special surprises (Just get out there and good things can happen)

Tracing back to early adventure beginnings (There are reasons we are today where we are)

Lessons from a ‘homeless’ man (A man we never really knew planted the seeds for our future lifestyle)