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The end of a 5-week hike of the Erie Canal Trailway
Steve and Leah, Martaindale, after completing a five-week, 360-mile hike of the Erie Canal Trailway in 2016. Photo snapped by a courteous bystander.

Really, most of what you might be interested in learning about us – Steve and Leah Martaindale – can be found within this site and the Dream Chasing 101 booklets.

Maybe a little background, though.

We met while students at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Three months to the day later, we were engaged and married within nine months. That was in 1977, before the invention of modern calendars. We have one daughter, who also met her spouse at TAMU, and one grandson, who enters high school next year.

Steve has spent the bulk of his career as a newspaper editor and reporter. Leah worked for 25 years as a public school teacher, mostly in high school and mostly teaching English, speech and drama.

We managed to take early retirement in 2013 by selling our home, buying an RV and working summers in national parks and other cool places. Wait, that’s literally taken from the title of Book 5 in the series, so that’s probably all you need to know.

Feel free to hit us up with any questions, though.

Other sites and links:

Steve’s Web page for his mystery books and other stuff, increasingly political as the election approaches

Steve’s personal Facebook, mostly for keeping up with old friends

Steve’s personal Twitter, mostly political stuff, so be advised

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