Leah on the fishing pier at Caney Creek. Photo by Steve Martaindale

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Oh, hello there. Yes, we’re more than a week into our next little adventure. Sorry to be so late checking in, but … well, let me explain.

Briefly, as Leah put it, we’ve rediscovered the power of change.

Due to the pandemic, we spent an entire year living in the same place. It was made worse – as every one of you should understand, if you’ve been respecting your fellow human beings by doing what you can to restrict the spread of the virus – by the fact we could do little other than hang out at home.

We’re not complaining … too much … because we recognize the value of swapping good times to increase the odds of living disease-free and, besides, we enjoy each other’s company. However, as good-natured as one might be, it does begin to drain one’s enthusiasm, particularly in light of hard-headed Americans bucking good advice and dragging things out longer than other countries.

Power of change

Monday of last week, I pulled the RV to Caney Creek RV Park in Sargent, Texas, a spot just five miles up the road from the Gulf of Mexico. Leah followed in our gas-friendly Chevy Spark.

Over the next several days, we relaxed.

We wet a few hooks in the creek. Leah shelled a bunch of pecans the owners were more than happy to let her pick up (a neighbor even offered a handy gathering tool like this that really works). We took a walk along the revetment that’s been protecting the shore from coastal erosion the past 22 years. We … chilled.

You might read that last paragraph and think, “How is this so different from the previous year?”

Valid question. It’s not, except for one thing: it’s a different location.

Wait, there’s another thing. We’re planning to be here only one month before moving on to the next location in a different part of the state. It’s really a bit early to judge our month-at-a-time plan, but it’s looking good. In the past, if we were not living at a summer job or at our winter residence, we were traveling between the two. Most of our stops were for one night, maybe two.

An exception was two years ago when we decided while returning home from South Dakota to spend a week in a small Texas Panhandle town. Then we stayed another week. The time there cemented the idea of longer visits.

It’s similar to our cruising experiences. We’ve decided it takes at least a couple of weeks to relax and thoroughly enjoy it.

To be clear, what we mean by “the power of change” is … for us … simply changing our environment changes our outlook on the situation, even if it’s still basically the same.

And that can be a dream.

P.S.: Steve’s latest whodunit, “The Reporter and the Apples,” has been published. You can find it on Amazon.

One thought on “Adjustment”

  1. Enjoy the travel again friends. We really enjoy spending a month or more at a time in one spot as it lets us absorb the area. Sherry


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