Can you see us now?

There remains a lot we want to do with the Dream Chasing 101 website, including recruiting articles from readers, live travelogues and no telling what else, but right now we would like your thoughts about an idea Leah came up with.


Her idea is having the two of us tackle a topic during a short video. (Post-COVID, we could rope co-workers or other travelers into the conversation.) Maybe we’ll answer questions, recall a past experience, argue about who has the most accurate memory of an event, whatever. Most of them would likely complement an existing blog post but might address a timely topic.

One thing I’m rather certain about is there won’t be many rules.

Neither can we invest in a special camera or expensive editing software, so they certainly will not be candidates for any Oscars.

That’s a rough outline because that’s all we have at this point.

Our first shot at it is posted above. We sat down with Leah saying she had a topic and completely winged it from there. It should be obvious to you we had a lot of fun doing it.

Use the comment link below to tell us what you think. Should we continue doing these? Do you have any advice about any aspect of it? If you do not want me to publish your comment, just say so and we’ll keep it between the three of us.

As always, feel free to comment about anything at any time and please include your own stories and tips for fulfilling dreams and traveling.

8 thoughts on “Can you see us now?”

  1. I would watch. I often wonder where the two of you are and what your up to. I haven’t seen you post of FB for awhile.
    Say howdy to Leia!


  2. Love this format. So great to really see you again. I love the part about the rocks on the beach. I discovered the same thing on the western coast of the south island of New Zealand, near Karamea. Somewhere in my way-too-big colection of videos, I have film and sound of that spot.


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