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When’s the last time you reached for the sky on a swing set? Photo by Steve Martaindale

Following are the final reader-submitted travel memories about specific states. What’s next? Read the note at the end.

Constance F Brown

A few years ago, we finally visited that lovely state. On the Door Peninsula – uncrowded, because it was still May – we stayed at a B and B on a sheep farm, and the owner took us out into the field to meet the sheep! Later, we saw lilacs – scores of lilac bushes – and then glorious peonies. I have missed those wonderful fragrant flowers so, down here in Texas.

We drove all the way to Lake Superior, to see it for the first time ever, and took a boat ride to a lovely island with a great bookstore, Apostle Island Booksellers.

And finally, in Madison, we went into the civic building inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, and even though it was early, a docent happily took us on a private tour all over the building.

Nancy Kittelberger
South Dakota

Summer of ′88, we took the kids west from South Texas so they could see mountains and hit as many places of interest as possible.

We arrived at Mount Rushmore and made the hike from parking lot to viewing area, took pictures and of course visited the gift shop.

On the way back to the car, we asked 6-year-old Katy what she thought about the faces carved in the stone. “What faces?” But the gift shop was heaven to her.

We did turn around and marched her back and made her look.

South Dakota

My first work camp job. Keystone, my view every morning was of Mount Rushmore.

Leah Martaindale

Steve and I were traveling and made a point to stop and have lunch with a friend, Brian, who lived near Clear Lake, Iowa. He showed us the beautiful Clear Lake, but then he said we just had to see the Surf Ballroom. It’s now a local venue for dances and community events, but back in the day it was the site for the annual Winter Concert (yeah, go figure, Iowa). Musicians from all over the country came to play there.

In 1959 it was where Buddy Holly played his last concert. The walls of the green room in the building were filled with autographs and drawings of all the musicians who had ever played there. Name one – it was on the wall. The Ballroom area was like a museum filled with mementoes and donated instruments of past legends. The real treasure was the caretaker who just happened to be there and entertained us with stories of stars – like the one who really does insist on no blue M&M’s and the ones that treat you like a friend.

On the other side of Iowa, we had a picnic on the shore of Blue Lake with friends Deb & Steve (they brought the goodies) who we met on a cruise and drove an hour just to picnic with us!

Let me just say – don’t just drive through Iowa – there are hidden gems and great folks there.

Thanks to the 11 folks who contributed stories

Such is what we hope to see this site grow into, people sharing their dreams and travels, maybe even seeking and offering advice. Keep an eye out for more opportunities, but feel free to jump in any time.

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