Where ya going?

Traveling always involves taking a risk. This fallen rock in Australia surely hampered traffic a bit, but things were clearing up by the time we arrived. May it soon be so of the coronavirus epidemic. I’m ready to hit the road. What are you anxious to do? Share in the comments.

Today is Towel Day. Fans of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” – Douglas Adams’ five-book “trilogy” – recognize the importance of towels as a tool of those hitchhiking the universe.

Oh, if only a good towel could solve the COVID-19 problem for us. Perhaps we’ll find the answer to be 42.

So, how are you doing? We’re mostly sane, having embraced self-containment and limited social interaction as an acceptable price for protecting our health and helping shield others. However, one’s mind can’t help but wander, even if the body cannot. Maybe that helps us deal with what we must go through.

What is at the top of your list?

Where do you want to go once you’re able? Who do you want to hug? What do you want to do?

Me, I have a hankering to get behind the wheel of the car and just start driving. I don’t know where. If I felt it safe to leave tomorrow, I might roll a die to determine which direction to head.

Seriously, tell us what you want to do. In preferably two sentences or more, give as much detail as your imagination allows. Use the “Leave a comment” section below or on one of our social media sites.

And, another nugget of hitchhiker advice: “Don’t panic.”

4 thoughts on “Where ya going?”

  1. I want to cruise through the Panama Canal! I want to see penguins in far South America, to stand on the equator in Ecuador, to walk among ancient ruins in Peru. I can’t wait.


    1. I want to take that trip to Tahiti I almost took 39 years ago. I backed out because the flight was too long.
      Who would I like to hug again? I cant tell you.


      1. That’s another way of looking at the times post-COVID. It’s seldom too late to pursue an old dream, even if years should force us to alter things just a little.


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