Davis Mountains State Park in West Texas holds a special spot in our family history. A life-changing accident ended up changing life in good ways. Times are good, even when they’re not. (Photo by Steve Martaindale)

Today marks eight weeks – 56 days – since Leah and I did anything “normal.” On March 13, we saw a movie (“The Way Back,” starring Ben Affleck, I gave it seven stars) at an 11 a.m. showing, when there were maybe eight other people scattered around the theater.

This afternoon, I opened two beers, a bock for her and a Scotch style ale for me. As we prepared to clink the bottles, she looked up and waited as I briefly considered a toast.

“Times!” I said. To be honest, though, there was no exclamation point in my voice.

“Not ‘good’ times?” she asked.

“‘All’ times,” I replied, maybe with a slight exclamation point.

Like everyone, we’ve had great times and not-so-great times through the years. However, when we look back on even the latter, we can usually find something worthwhile. Something that helped us grow, make a decision, or power on. Maybe it’s a sweet memory. Often, it’s a laugh.

COVID-19 is affecting us all, whether it’s the loss of someone dear or nothing more than hiding out for a few months.

This is one of our times.

Times are good, even when they’re not.

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