Making dough

I saw something the other day lamenting the fact that many kegs of beer have been stranded at sports venues, restaurants, convention centers and the like due to the rapid onset of shutdowns in wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus.


Then I came across a feature story from the Eastern Arizona Courier newspaper in Safford, Ariz., about some folks who are making some dough off the situation.

It seems a local beer distributor mentioned to Stacey Scarce, executive director of Our Neighbors Farm & Pantry, that he and his wife made beer bread over the weekend.

In view of the fact pantry bread donations had decreased by more than 80 percent and, thanks to COVID-19, there was a 30 percent increase in the number of people looking for help obtaining food, one thought led to another and Scarce obtained beer at cost from the bar Shane’s Place and recruited bakery owner Torey Cranford to turn six gallons of beer each week into 72 loaves of bread.

Never forget, this world is full of goodness.

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