Everyone is lining up for the looming publication of the Dream Chasing 101 booklet series. Make sure you’re following this page for email notification of the release and all posts or at least follow on Facebook and/or Twitter. This photo by Steve Martaindale was taken in March 2019 on Lake Chapala in western central Mexico. The American white pelicans visited the country’s largest lake while migrating north for the summer.

Point One: The launch of our Dream Chasing 101 booklet series was delayed due to the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two: Initially, the pause seemed a good idea because all focus was on the coronavirus.

Three: The “real world” has pretty much been put on hold while the disease runs its course and humans (well, many humans) attempt to minimize the casualties.

Four: What we’re beginning to see now is the formation of new realities. More working and schooling from home, increased respect and rewards for service providers whose importance was once minimized, necessity of a substantial healthcare foundation for all, a valid need for dependable and widespread Internet availability … among beginners.

Summation: Maybe chasing dreams is now more important than ever.

Conclusion: Stand by for publication of the Dream Chasing 101 seven-part series very soon.

Why now?

While we’re collectively looking forward to getting back to “normal,” we must realize that it might, indeed, be a “new normal.”

Jobs, schools, transportation, entertainment, socializing, religious services, medical care, economics … just how far will transformations go? So, if anything and everything might be subject to change, now just might be the best time for us to consider positioning our lives to move in a new direction.

That’s what Leah and I did several years ago. As explained in the first booklet, “How we made our travel dreams come true,” a mild cancer scare caused us to examine where we were in life and compare it to where we wished to be.

Our answer – one we’ve enjoyed for eight years and counting – involved minimizing and downsizing our overhead in order to be able to do the things we wanted. To bankroll our adventures, we started working summers at cool locations such as national parks and theme parks.

Is our dream your dream? Possibly, but certainly not exactly. Where you’re coming from is different, what you’re willing to do is different, and your answers will certainly be different.

In other words, Dream Chasing 101 is not a blueprint, not a step-by-step guide, but an example. We relate what we’ve done, what we’ve seen in others, in an effort to help open a view of the possibilities. For example, we sold our home and bought an RV. That would be a step too far for many folks, but you are less likely to discover your desires if you do not look at new possibilities.

Above all, perhaps, our booklet series and this accompanying Website aim to inspire, to encourage you to take a calculated risk and discover new opportunities, to form friendships with different people, even possibly explore strange worlds and cultures.

To know when the booklets are available for download, follow this blog by entering your email in the left column. Also, follow on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t just be a follower, but contribute your comments and stories as well, because your experiences might help someone else.

7 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes”

  1. Geary and I are planning on splitting time between here and Puerto Vallarta so I won’t ever be cold again! Also we want an RV so when we are here we can travel and do rendezvous around the country. You guys are an inspiration!


      1. Only snag is what they find in my pancreas once hospitals and drs. can start seeing people again. But we can rent down there near our favorite eating places for much less than up here, And I will never be cold again! 🙂


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