Making do

A good bit of what you will read in the forthcoming booklet series is colored with having a good attitude, making the best of situations and finding happiness where you are.

Right now, we find ourselves sheltering in place, Friday marking two weeks since anything but necessary business outside of our home. Well, since our current RV park is in the country, we have enjoyed walks two or three times a day.

Wednesday, however, we did something extra special … still within the safety of our home.

As mentioned earlier, we were scheduled to be cruising right now aboard the Holland America liner Zaandam along with three other couples. One of the neat things about the trip was that none of the eight of us knew everyone else in the group.

Frustrated prospective cruiser Dan, who lives in Spain, offered to put together a Zoom teleconference for us. In addition to him, we had another from Germany, two from North Carolina, two from Iowa and us from Texas.

We ended up spending about 80 minutes chatting back and forth. It was great.

Now, we’re all patiently waiting for this virus to settle down, for things to return to a bit of normalcy, and then to start planning another cruise where we can all meet for real.

Be patient. Keep a positive attitude. Protect yourself and others by battening down the hatches.

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