Now in print

The origin of Dream Chasing 101 must be credited to the dozens, likely hundreds, of friends and strangers over the years who have bombarded us with questions and statements of disbelief that such a lifestyle was practical and achievable.

Some months ago, we decided to publish a series of booklets about pursuing one’s dreams. Since our knowledge is built around chasing our own wishes, that takes the central storyline. However, it is our hope that others who may be hesitant about pushing forward for what they want will find some inspiration, maybe even some direction, within our experiences.

Without further ado, the booklets are now available. Get the details on the booklet page here.

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Davis Mountains State Park in West Texas holds a special spot in our family history. A life-changing accident ended up changing life in good ways. Times are good, even when they’re not. (Photo by Steve Martaindale)

Today marks eight weeks – 56 days – since Leah and I did anything “normal.” On March 13, we saw a movie (“The Way Back,” starring Ben Affleck, I gave it seven stars) at an 11 a.m. showing, when there were maybe eight other people scattered around the theater.

This afternoon, I opened two beers, a bock for her and a Scotch style ale for me. As we prepared to clink the bottles, she looked up and waited as I briefly considered a toast.

“Times!” I said. To be honest, though, there was no exclamation point in my voice.

“Not ‘good’ times?” she asked.

“‘All’ times,” I replied, maybe with a slight exclamation point.

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Everyone is lining up for the looming publication of the Dream Chasing 101 booklet series. Make sure you’re following this page for email notification of the release and all posts or at least follow on Facebook and/or Twitter. This photo by Steve Martaindale was taken in March 2019 on Lake Chapala in western central Mexico. The American white pelicans visited the country’s largest lake while migrating north for the summer.

Point One: The launch of our Dream Chasing 101 booklet series was delayed due to the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two: Initially, the pause seemed a good idea because all focus was on the coronavirus.

Three: The “real world” has pretty much been put on hold while the disease runs its course and humans (well, many humans) attempt to minimize the casualties.

Four: What we’re beginning to see now is the formation of new realities. More working and schooling from home, increased respect and rewards for service providers whose importance was once minimized, necessity of a substantial healthcare foundation for all, a valid need for dependable and widespread Internet availability … among beginners.

Summation: Maybe chasing dreams is now more important than ever.

Conclusion: Stand by for publication of the Dream Chasing 101 seven-part series very soon.

Why now?

While we’re collectively looking forward to getting back to “normal,” we must realize that it might, indeed, be a “new normal.”

Jobs, schools, transportation, entertainment, socializing, religious services, medical care, economics … just how far will transformations go? So, if anything and everything might be subject to change, now just might be the best time for us to consider positioning our lives to move in a new direction.

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Making do

A good bit of what you will read in the forthcoming booklet series is colored with having a good attitude, making the best of situations and finding happiness where you are.

Right now, we find ourselves sheltering in place, Friday marking two weeks since anything but necessary business outside of our home. Well, since our current RV park is in the country, we have enjoyed walks two or three times a day.

Wednesday, however, we did something extra special … still within the safety of our home.

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Mount Rushmore at sunrise. Photo by Steve Martaindale

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry,” goes the line adapted from Robert Burns.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,” said John Lennon.

“Man plans, God laughs,” according to a Yiddish proverb (Mann traoch, Gott Lauch).

In the last post, one week ago, I laid out our 9-month-old plans for a cruise with six friends from Chile through the Panama Canal to Florida. We had been doing a lot of debating about whether the rising coronavirus threat should cause us to change our plans. We all knew we were taking a chance, but at least three of the four couples, including us, were going anyway.

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Interesting times

To sail, or not to sail. (Photo by Steve Martaindale)

“May you live in interesting times,” I’ve often heard said, is a traditional Chinese curse. The thought, whether originating in Asia or not, is that times are made more “interesting” when they are filled with strife and trouble; peaceful times are boring.

I refuse to allow discord to co-opt one of my favorite positive words – interesting – because we like to think we live interesting lives.

Currently, however …

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